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Rough Play!

Play fighting and being lovingly tackled - who would have known that this roughhousing could have serious wellbeing benefits that will last a life time?

A new study from Cambridge Uni and the Lego Foundation revealed that children who have quality playtime with their fathers, were better able to control their own behaviour later in life. But why is this? I hear you ask.

It would seem that physical play creates fun, exciting situations in which children have to apply self- regulation. You might have to control your strength, learn when things have gone too far, or maybe your father steps on your toe by accident and you feel cross. Having this safe environment to test boundaries and reactions is key. Of course its not only the dads who can get in on this action. The most important thing, according to researchers, is for parents to offer to play in a variety of ways

What better excuse do we need, if indeed we need an excuse, to unleash and embrace our inner child, and enjoy an extended playtime! Wooohooooo......

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